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Stripper mobile in Vegas

It's been a while since we checked in on the sexy side of Las Vegas so we've got a new dose for ya today. Except this is not quite what we were expecting. Is today Opposite Day in Vegas?

FOX channel is reporting that our favorite banned mobile in all of Vegas is coming back and this time it's for an even gooder cause than ogling women on a pole in a moving van. Yes, we're talking about The Stripper Mobile!

According to our tipster, the ladies will be working the pole-in-motion on Friday.

Little Darlings has been collecting donations to help children in need. On Friday, they are loading up the donations (almost $20K) with probably a Santa and some strippers and driving to NV Energy to drop off the donations for the KLUC toy drive.

Ultimately the donations will go to the HELP organization of Southern Nevada. Hopefully, they won't mind this kind of donation.

Viva Las Vegas!

Incall or Outcall


"In the business, we don't call it our office". It's an "incall".


oh! come'n. You know, that!

One of the most important descisions an escort or her date must make is, incall or outcall, hotel or home? There are many good reasons for preferring to stay in or preferring to go out. Both are equally valid choices. You can find quality companionship for either option. If you are a girl in the bussiness, each place has its obvious advantages and disadvantages.

For the men, like me, it's all about talking to the girl or the phone operator first. Most times you are meeting her in a hotel for outcall. If so, try to choose hotels that are safe and if you can upscale. There is no need to do a lot of explaining; when in doubt, you can always say you are visiting from out of town, but in actually reality, hotels in Las Vegas don’t really care what you are doing as long as you pay them.

Catch a fever

A redolence blurb featuring Beyonce has been criminialized from daytime TV among concerns over a passionate imagery. The commercial, which starts with an picture of a thespian fibbing exposed in a room, has been deemed "too intimately provocative" to be seen by immature immature kids as good as will not be shown upon British TV prior to 7.30pm.

The ad shows a thespian fibbing exposed in a center of a room. In a subsequent stage she is shown wearing a divulgence red fine cloth skirt as good as upon foot towards a camera, in contact with her neck as good as relocating her palm opposite her chest.

She runs her palm along a wall, withdrawal a route of glow as she touches it. She is afterwards shown disposition opposite a window, relocating her palm down her neck as good as caressing her breast. She starts dancing seductively with a camera display her chest, behind as good as thighs. The ad closes with Beyoncé upon foot divided from a camera, her footprints melting a floor. She turns as good as says: "Catch a fever".

Any critique which she is as well intimately provocative is expected to raise rather than mistreat her earning potential.

Condom, no condom?

An interactive sexual health film aimed at encouraging young people to choose condoms has been launched by NHS Choices and NHS Bristol. "Condom, no condom?" allows viewers to direct the storyline and shows the consequences of using or not using a condom.

The film, which is on YouTube, follows a group of young party-goers and at different stages of their night out the viewer is prompted on whether or not to choose a condom. Each choice leads to another short film showing the consequences of the decision, including pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and rejection by a partner.

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