Sin Cities (top ten)

Sin cities in which you can pursue vice and debauchery have existed throughout history -- from Rome’s glory days where you could follow up your bet on a gladiator fight with an orgy to Shanghai where you could float for days on drug and sex highs in opium dens.

Well, the preface is copied from an AskMen's article, about the top-10 sinful cities on earth. The criteria for a locale to make this sin cities list were quite simple: it had to offer a strong presence of gambling, sex, drinking, drugs, and/or partying.

And if you think Las Vegas is leading the list, you are wrong!

I encourage you to read the entire article. Las Vegas is listed in the 4th place, while Pattaya (Thailand), Tijuana (Mexico) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) got the medal's :p

PS. Are you serious?
Come to Vegas and you will find out who's the best!
And btw, even AskMen knows that (don't you see the main photo of the article?)


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