The seven deadly sins were eight!

Have you ever wonder how the 7 deadly sins developed?.
I was wondering, so I searched Wikipedia just to find out that a monk back in the 4th century (ac) listed 8 evil thoughts: gastrimargia, porneia, philargyria, lupē, orgē, akedia, kenodoxia and hyperephania. It's all greek to me, so let's see the translation (one by one please):

1. Gluttony: over-consumption of food, drink etc. (chocolates included)
2. Lust: craving for sexual intercourse
3. Greed: excessive desire and pursuit of wealth
4. Sorrow: sorrow!
5. Wrath: anger
6. Acedia: a state of listlessness and negligence
7. Vanity: excessive belief in our own abilities
8. Pride: high sense of personal status or ego

Almost 2 centuries later, Pope Gregory I revised these 8 evil thoughts to form the more common Seven Deadly Sins. Lust upgraded to #1 sin while Vanity gone out of the list; Sorrow integrated to Acedia and renamed to Sloth and got the 4th place; Envy joined the list as sin #6. The updated list included in Dante's epic poem "The Divine Comedy".

I'm not gonna judge the 7 deadly sins; nor the 10 commandments. I just wanted to share my belief that "not-to-do" lists isn't the best guide of living (though, doing the oposites would be tasteful role playing ;-).

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