Role playing game or what's in a name

Very few whores use their own names when working; this is, first and foremost, to maintain privacy in a business which still carries considerable stigma in our society...

Well, yes and no.
Some girls do indeed use real-first-name-only or a nickname version of it (Sue for Suzanne, Nicki for Nicole, etc). But most still don’t do that, for various reasons. For one, the use of a “stage name” gives us a little fence between our daily lives and our professional lives, which might otherwise sometimes overlap; the stage name helps the girl to get into the proper frame of mind, just as donning a suit or a uniform or a lab coat puts various kinds of professional men into the proper frame of mind for performance of their jobs. This use of stage names is by no means restricted to hookers; when Vincent Furnier is at home he may just be a regular guy, but when he dresses up and calls himself “Alice Cooper”, he becomes another thing entirely.
The excerpt is copied from a Honest Courtesan's post, a retired call girl. Please take some time to read the whole post. Honest Courtesan's blog is excelent too and I recomend it for anyone.


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