The nasty Las Vegas

People come here to do the nasty. The sexy, the naughty — this is the most potent incarnation of Vegas so far. In a place where alcohol is poured 24 hours a day and you can stroll the Strip with booze in hand, even celebrities let loose publicly.

Las Vegas is all about adults having fun. Visitors have their Vegas mind-set once they step off the plane. The notion is that it's all men coming here and hiding stuff from their wives. Women come here and do stuff, too, because they know they're not going to find out about it in their hometown.

Cause, you know. What happens in Vegas...

Greetings from Las Vegas from Studio Taffi on Vimeo.


Make the strip come to life

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Role playing game or what's in a name

Very few whores use their own names when working; this is, first and foremost, to maintain privacy in a business which still carries considerable stigma in our society...

Well, yes and no.
Some girls do indeed use real-first-name-only or a nickname version of it (Sue for Suzanne, Nicki for Nicole, etc). But most still don’t do that, for various reasons. For one, the use of a “stage name” gives us a little fence between our daily lives and our professional lives, which might otherwise sometimes overlap; the stage name helps the girl to get into the proper frame of mind, just as donning a suit or a uniform or a lab coat puts various kinds of professional men into the proper frame of mind for performance of their jobs. This use of stage names is by no means restricted to hookers; when Vincent Furnier is at home he may just be a regular guy, but when he dresses up and calls himself “Alice Cooper”, he becomes another thing entirely.
The excerpt is copied from a Honest Courtesan's post, a retired call girl. Please take some time to read the whole post. Honest Courtesan's blog is excelent too and I recomend it for anyone.


Although most people dislike of the slang used in the adult's industry (me eighter), sometimes they may find theirselves reading an ad with it and not knowing what they are talking about. So if you ever found yourself wondering, you will get some answers in the Slang Dictionary Series of this blog.


Girl Friend Experience. An professional that provides genuine intimacy as well as sexual services making the client feel as if he is with a partner not a pro.


Porn Star Experience. A term used to describe a sexual encouter where the partner exibited certain porn-like characteristics. Usually including things like: talking dirty, a general knowledge of sexual positions and willingness to sexually please, etc.

The seven deadly sins were eight!

Have you ever wonder how the 7 deadly sins developed?.
I was wondering, so I searched Wikipedia just to find out that a monk back in the 4th century (ac) listed 8 evil thoughts: gastrimargia, porneia, philargyria, lupē, orgē, akedia, kenodoxia and hyperephania. It's all greek to me, so let's see the translation (one by one please):

1. Gluttony: over-consumption of food, drink etc. (chocolates included)
2. Lust: craving for sexual intercourse
3. Greed: excessive desire and pursuit of wealth
4. Sorrow: sorrow!
5. Wrath: anger
6. Acedia: a state of listlessness and negligence
7. Vanity: excessive belief in our own abilities
8. Pride: high sense of personal status or ego

Almost 2 centuries later, Pope Gregory I revised these 8 evil thoughts to form the more common Seven Deadly Sins. Lust upgraded to #1 sin while Vanity gone out of the list; Sorrow integrated to Acedia and renamed to Sloth and got the 4th place; Envy joined the list as sin #6. The updated list included in Dante's epic poem "The Divine Comedy".

I'm not gonna judge the 7 deadly sins; nor the 10 commandments. I just wanted to share my belief that "not-to-do" lists isn't the best guide of living (though, doing the oposites would be tasteful role playing ;-).

Image from Some_eCards.

Gambling heaven?

Millions of people come to Las Vegas every year to gamble at the casinos and experience pleasures forbidden anywhere else in the United States. The World Series of Poker is the largest and the most popular poker event in the world. Each year thousands of poker players, amateurs and pros, come to Las Vegas in hopes of winning a WSOP bracelet (i hate bracelets).

Gambling is the practice of wagering money or other stakes on the outcome of a future event. Casinos are a popular location for gambling, where participants can play games such as blackjack or poker while other gamblers prefer to bet online on sports teams. There is a strong element of chance in these games, but the players retain at least some ability to influence the outcome by playing well.

Gambling is usually seen as a vice and the truth is that in the right hands, gambling can be a nice pastime. Gambling has also destroyed as many men as drinking, so if you're going to play, it's wise to do so in moderation.

No doubt Las Vegas is the right place for gambling; not sure if it's the best place for moderation, so wach out! And don't forget: no trip to the City of Sin is complete without experiencing the warmth and companionship that Vegas girls have to offer. That's not my quote, i read it in many many newspapers and magazines all over the world.

Sin Cities (top ten)

Sin cities in which you can pursue vice and debauchery have existed throughout history -- from Rome’s glory days where you could follow up your bet on a gladiator fight with an orgy to Shanghai where you could float for days on drug and sex highs in opium dens.

Well, the preface is copied from an AskMen's article, about the top-10 sinful cities on earth. The criteria for a locale to make this sin cities list were quite simple: it had to offer a strong presence of gambling, sex, drinking, drugs, and/or partying.

And if you think Las Vegas is leading the list, you are wrong!

I encourage you to read the entire article. Las Vegas is listed in the 4th place, while Pattaya (Thailand), Tijuana (Mexico) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) got the medal's :p

PS. Are you serious?
Come to Vegas and you will find out who's the best!
And btw, even AskMen knows that (don't you see the main photo of the article?)

What would you be doing?

If you weren't in the adult industry, what would you be doing with your life?
(asked to and answered by Sarah Blake in her video channel).

Well, I am supposed to work with computers, but some friends of mine are telling me that lately I joined the adult industry: made a site for escorts (hope you'll like the design, it's not the cheapy one found in most other escort sites), plus this blog (although not exactly in adult industry)...

Anyway, that's life!

Show you where to meet her

She work it girl, she work the pole
She break it down, she take it low
She's fine as hell, she's about the dough
Doing her thing right on the floor
Her money money, she makin'
Got the way she shakin'
Make you want to touch her, you wanna' taste her
Have you lustin' for her,
Go crazy face it

She's so much more than you're used to
Know's just how to move to seduce you
She's gone do the right thing and touch the right spot
Dance in you're lap till you're ready to pop

She's always ready, when you want it she want it
Like a nympho, the info
Show you where to meet her
On the late night, till daylight the club jumpin'
If you want a good time, she gone give you what you want

Damn I like the way you move
Damn! i'm thinking of a Las Vegas escort.
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